Through CAV Ice Protection, CAV Aerospace offers ice protection system design, manufacturing and consulting services covering a wide range of aircraft. CAV Ice Protection is an expert in civilian, commercial and military ice protection systems involving more than 7,000 aircraft. Company experience comprises of testing, government approvals, component qualification, electrical system design, reliability, safety analysis, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, quality, manufacturing design and integration.

CAV Ice Protection systems, marketed under the brand name TKS, are used in general aviation, regional, business jet and UAV applications. The TKS systems are offered as either original equipment installations or as a retrofit solution for icing problems.

Design and certification services are shared between the main manufacturing facility at CAV Aerospace, located near Newcastle in Consett, United Kingdom, and CAV Ice Protection near Kansas City in New Century, Kansas, which also provides sales and marketing services and a TKS Repair Station.

The Repair Station at CAV Ice Protection offers owners and operators of TKS-equipped aircraft the cost and time savings of going direct to the manufacturer.

The Repair Station is collocated within the engineering design, parts distribution, technical support and aftermarket installation units at the New Century, Kansas facility.

Current programmes include:

Continued drive towards new technologies and process modernisation, facilities and capabilities will maintain CAV’s position at the leading edge of this marketplace.

Technology utilised in the production of the ice protection equipment has also been used to develop a number of research and development programmes in the area of laminar flow and noise attenuation.

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